Using Demographic Information to Identify Specialty Crop Markets

New Jersey is an extremely unique state; very intense agricultural production systems, among an extremely diverse and concentrated population. The U.S. Census Bureau reports the population of New Jersey to be 8,944,469 in 2016, making the State the most densely populated in America with 1,210 persons per square mile. In addition, more than 1 in 4 people in New Jersey identify as either Latino or Asian. The U.S. census data also reveals that 21.7% of persons living in New Jersey are foreign born. With this information revealed, growing ethnic crops locally, for the State’s diverse population, has significant potential for New Jersey’s farmers.

Information about demographics, coupled with the ability to produce a crop in New Jersey must be considered. Producers and agricultural service providers have access to population demographic information via the maps provided. The information contained here identifies ethnic populations and crops that can be grown in New Jersey to market to specific geographical areas. The use of the “World Crops” website is coupled with the demographics map to provide information on different crops and production recommendations. The World Crops website has detailed production information on crops from 4 different continents and 26 different countries.

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