Hemp Marketing and Economics

Economics of Industrial Hemp Production in New Jersey: Enterprise Budget for Hemp Grown for CBD Extract with Plasticulture


We grew it......now what?


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Government Resources for Industrial Hemp Production and Marketing

The Congressional Research Service Report to members of Congress; a review of industrial hemp production, literature review, federal and state legislation: “Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity”


USDA webpage providing information about the USDA Hemp Production Program and USDA NIFA industrial hemp research


The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has been designated as the lead USDA agency to administer the new USDA Hemp Production Program

The AMS website detailing the hemp program can be found at: https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/hemp

Hemp information from the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, a national information resource for value-added agriculture


University/Cooperative Extension Resources on Industrial Hemp Economics and Marketing

Hanchar, John J. "Economics of Producing Industrial Hemp in New York State: Projected Costs and Returns, 2019 Budgets."


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Xiurui, Iris Cui and Smith, Aaron. "2019 Industrial Hemp Extract (CBD) Production Budget (1 Acre)." Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Tennessee Extension, Institute of Agriculture, University of Tennessee. (2019).


Commercial Resources for Industrial Hemp Marketing


The PanXchange trading platform offers a centralized marketplace for industrial hemp biomass and hemp oil produced for the therapeutic market